Heavenly Palace – One Of The Luxury Old Age Homes In India

The western trend – now in India

Retirement homes are a widespread concept in the Western countries. In India on one hand where the life expectancy is increasing there on the other hand the cities are becoming unsafe day by day. Therefore the senior citizens now-a-days has started considering that it is safer to shift to retirement homes in India just like the trend in America. With the change in the social dimensions, financial independence and fading concept of joint families the western trend has now gradually crept in India.

Why most retired persons prefer to settle in old age homes in India based in Southern India?

It has been seen so far that southern part of India is the most preferred location where these retired elderly people like to settle down for the remaining years of their life. Few of the reasons as to why southern India is mostly preferred as destinations of retirement homes in India are,

  •       Pleasant climate.
  •       Land is easily available here where these development townships can be easily built.
  •       The crime rate is comparatively less than Northern India.

Moreover these are the states where most of the NRI populations originally belong to. Though most of these retirement homes in India are based in southern India but some popular retirement homes are also based in Northern India. Heavenly Palace is one such old age homes in India where you can actually retire with grace.

Heavenly Palace – one of the attractive old age homes in India

Based in Dohara Ludhiana it is spread across an area of 70,000 sq yards which is very well-maintained. In this institution you can lead a dignified life and enjoy all the amenities of a 4 star hotel. Here apart from the regular facilities like quality food prepared by professional chefs, continuous monitoring with CCTV camera, time to time checkup by expert doctors, laundry, standby generator and normal housekeeping facility you also have a lot of recreational options like cultural activities are organized for them, they can watch movies, practice yoga, participate in a lot of indoor games and can even use the internet facility. Some retirement homes in India are supported by certain charitable trusts, so is Heavenly Palace. It is supported by the DBC Trust which allows the residents to stay free of cost and they just need to pay for the facilities.

So after going through this article your idea about old age homes in India must have changed. If you are financially independent then better spend every penny of yours to enjoy the remaining years of your life with ultimate dignity.

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Spend the best years of your life in old age homes

Old age, this is the best phase of your life. You have completed all your responsibilities to perfection, your children have grown up and you are retired with all the free time in the world. This is the time to live only for yourself. The old age homes in India will provide you with that opportunity. Retirement homes in India have never looked better; they provide excellent living standards with many luxurious amenities.

Your children do not stay with you because they are working in another city? You are tired of taking care of the house, shopping, paying bills? Your best friend is in one of the amazing old age homes in India, and you want to join him? No matter what the reason is, you have made the right decision of moving into one of the best retirement homes in India. Have a look at what is awaiting you at your new home;

  • Wonderful living standards with huge, spacious bedrooms with both single and shared options. Attach bathrooms are available with the bedrooms and beautiful furniture is provided. There are also options for couples to stay together in most of the retirement homes in India.
  • 24 hour medical facility is provided for the residents. There is generally an ambulance on standby, regular checkup and monitoring is conducted by the authorities.
  • These old age homes in India are extremely safe for its inhabitants. There is heavy security around the premises, and proper screening of new visitors. You will have the privilege of declining any unwanted visitor whom you were forced to greet while at home.
  • If your children are abroad and need a place to stay while they visit you, old age homes in India will provide that facility as well. Fully furnished guest rooms are provided for your relatives.
  • There are amazing recreational facilities provided in these retirement homes. Libraries, yoga classes, computers, televisions, indoor games etc are available for your entertainment.
  • You can put your free time to great use by working with the different NGOs associated with most old age homes. Activities like teaching underprivileged children, planting trees around the city or visiting orphanages will give you a sense of fulfillment.

Live with your friends and make new friends, this is the best time of your life, enjoy it to the fullest. So, wait no more, pack your bags and get going because the best retirement homes in India are waiting for you.

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India- the new destination for NRI retirees

Are you an NRI? Thinking of coming back to India to spend the rest of your life close to your roots? This is just the right time. Once the picture of pity and stigma, old age homes have become an integral part of the fast lifestyle of the modern India. Comfortable retirement resorts are coming up in well- known destinations like Ludhiana, Goa, Dehradun and Coimbatore. The weather in these regions remains pleasant throughout the year. These resorts are based on the concept of assisted living complexes that you have seen in the western countries.

Several big companies are investing in state of the art retirement homes in India. Retirement homes are becoming a necessity day by day as the younger generation is moving out of the country or state for better work opportunities and lifestyle. There has been a considerable increase in the life expectancy rate from 41 years in 1951 to 64 years today. To live a dignified life with pride, nowadays the financially sound retirees are looking for retirement homes in India.

If you want to make your time worthwhile you can ask your whole group of friends to join with you. At an age where loneliness can often lead to depression, living at a facility where you are surrounded by people of your age can be very uplifting. Going to an old age home in India is a better option than getting an apartment. NRIs are often deceived in property dealings. Other advantages include an escape from the greedy relatives. Your kids and family members can visit you whenever they want. Good retirement homes provide room for their stay. Crimes against the senior citizens have increased in the cities lately. Retirement facilities provide a secure environment where you can spend a peaceful retired life.

The facilities are equipped with all the basic amenities like post office, bank and 24 hour medical services. Dedicated teams look after the daily requirements and well-being of the elderly. Some of the facilities have CCTV set up for round the clock monitoring. This ensures that the elderly get medical assistance at the right time. This also ensures a carefree lifestyle for your children residing abroad. Small trips to nearby places and movie screenings are organized regularly to keep the inmates entertained. One such reputed retirement home in India is Heavenly Palace, Ludhiana. This place is designed for NRI senior citizens.

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Growing demand of old age homes in India

In this 21st century the world has become very competitive where the children are moving away from their parent emotionally. In these circumstances these elderly people also don’t want to take any assistance neither physical nor monetary from their children and want to live independently. Apart from this there are several other factors which are responsible for the increasing demand of old age homes in India, like many elderly people don’t have a family to take care of them, in some cases the children of these senior citizens move abroad and they don’t want to accompany them, in some families both the husband and wife works and there is no one to take care of these aged people etc.

Change in the concept of retirement homes in India

At present around 8% of the population of India comprises of people above the age group of 60 years which is expected to rise in the coming days. Seeing the increasing opportunity many large corporate firms have come up with luxury community living concept where these retired persons can enjoy the remaining days of their life with dignity. These retirement homes in India are vibrant complexes which take care of every little thing that these senior citizens may require. Today most senior citizens are economically independent after their retirement, so they choose not to interfere in the live of their children and live on their own in such assisted-living communities.

Heavenly Palace – one of the best old age homes in India

This old age home is based in Dohara in Punjab covering an area of 70,000 sq. yards which has lovely maintained surroundings. It has all the modern facilities similar to that of a 4 star hotel. Here you get superior quality food cooked by trained chefs, regular medical checkups, continuous security check through CCTV cameras, all types of  housekeeping amenities, a lot of recreational facilities like movie theaters, library, access to internet, a huge auditorium and lot more. Unlike most old age homes your family members can even come and stay with you for few day, Heavenly Palace keeps some rooms reserved for this purpose. You can also refer some of your old friends to come and join you so that you can further enjoy your stay in their companionship.

Retirement homes in India in the past had been considered only as a social stigma where aged people were generally dumped, but Heavenly Palace with its exceptional approach has changed the idea altogether.

Retirement Home: A Great option for the Elderly

The elderly of India today are facing a great dilemma. The joint family system which offered them support and care is long gone. And, even Governments find themselves unable to compensate for the loss. This creates a situation where the senior citizens are left with no other option, but to care for themselves. Matters become worse with the rising cost of living in cities.

One great solution for the trouble is shifting to a retirement home. In an institution like Heavenly Palace, you are enabled to lead a dignified life enjoying all the amenities available in a four-star hotel. This may require a bit of spending. But, every penny you spend in this direction would be paid in full by allowing you to lead a dignified life in a caring environment.

Following are the additional benefits luxurious old age homes in India have in store for their residents.

1. Social interaction:

There  is no doubt to the fact that social interaction plays a vital role in the well-being of the elderly. In a family, even with the best efforts of your children, they would not be in a position to provide you the kind of activity you are able to enjoy. Here come retirement homes in India to your assistance. Organized activities designed exclusively for the elderly not only allow you to remain engaged, but also contributes towards your cognitive abilities.

2. Empowerment:

As the ability to move independently gets affected due to age-related troubles, your parents are sure to feel a kind of helplessness. In a retirement home, the elderly are offered all the amenities to minimize their dependence on others to do their daily chores. If you happen to be a resident of Heavenly Palace, you are offered taxies, private buses and even shuttle services upon request.

Round-the-clock medical attention, a senior-friendly design, entertainment facilities designed exclusively for the elderly are just a few advantages luxurious retirement homes in India have in store for their residents.

Spend your savings for yourself and enjoy life

It is true that all these facilities do not come free. You may even feel that the spending may be a strain on your budget. But, you had worked hard all these years to help your children to be in a position to earn a decent income. Why do you have to keep on saving for them? Now is the time to spend all your savings for yourself and feel relaxed free from the tension of maintaining a home. Why do you waste your time in your family feeling helpless and downcast?

Welcome to Heavenly Palace, the highly recommended among the retirement homes in India. A dignified, safe and tension-free life awaits you here.

For more information please visit www.heavenlypalace.com.

Retirement Home: What you need to Know

When parents pass the age of 60, the question of making them feel at home becomes a concern. The matter becomes worse when one of them happen to die due to any reason. This happens because children come to notice that as a single parent, father or mother finds it difficult to lead an independent life. If you are someone facing this situation, you can happily take your parent to a retirement home. The decision  may appear daunting at first. However, the difficulty remains only until you get an idea of the great benefits a retirement home has in store for him/her. The following is a brief description of some of them.

1. Round the clock medical assistance:

Most of the retirement homes in India offer 24-7 medical care to those who are in need of it. It implies that if the selection is made careful, your parents are sure to be in good hands with trained staff to take care of their medical requirements. At Heavenly Palace, your physical condition is evaluated at the time of admission and services are arranged accordingly.

2. Caring companionship:

Companionship is the thing which motivates a man to move forward. Research informs us that social isolation is one among the main reasons leading to age-related health issues. Most of the luxurious old age homes in India give priority to this fact. If you decide to be a resident of Heavenly Palace, you are offered everything required to enjoy life in the company of those around you. While the 10,000 yards hall facilitates outdoor games like table tennis, the Internet allows you to stay in touch with the outside world. You are also encouraged to invite your dear ones staying in other retirement homes in India to join you at Heavenly Palace. If you wish, you can even invite your family members to spend a few days with you. This would not only help you get rid of the feeling of social isolation, but also would make you feel important in your family. Enjoying the company of your dear ones at Heavenly Palace is just as simple as renting nearby rooms and building a block for yourselves.

3. Minimizing dependence:

Increasing dependence even for normal daily routines may create difficulties for your elderly parents. This becomes a matter of concern if your parents are habituated to do things in their own way. In the retirement homes in India like Heavenly Palace, you are offered transportation assistance to help you feel free even with diminishing mobility.

If you are someone evaluating your options with regard to old age homes in India for your loved one, Heavenly Palace is definitely worth considering. The home features all it takes to help your parents lead a dignified life free from the tension of maintaining a home.

For more information please visit www.heavenlypalace.com.

Old age Home: A Guide for the Beginner

Ours is a time when life expectancy is quite long when compared to yester years. Thee advancements in the field of medical science and the increasing health consciousness are believed to be the factors responsible for this situation. It means that the number of the people above 60 years always remain on the rise. Most of them tend to prefer to stay in a retirement home to their own homes. The following reasons can be attributed to this scenario.

Benefits of staying in an old age home

Here is an overview of the benefits you are going to have if you decide to join any of the retirement homes in India.

1.       Activities designed exclusively for the elderly:

This is one among the main reasons why people prefer retirement homes to their own houses. In a family, even when your children have your best interests in mind, they would not be in a position to keep you engaged. This trouble gets solved in the luxurious retirement homes in India. All the activities and entertainment facilities would be designed in such a way that the elderly are able to stay active and fresh all day long. If Heavenly Palace becomes your choice destination, you are offered the following amenities.

  • A 10,000 yards hall to facilitate outdoor  games like table tennis
  • Occasional tours
  • A mini auditorium and theaters to watch movies and plays
  • Centrally air-conditioned common rooms to facilitate occasional gatherings
  • A well-maintained library and 24-7 access to the Internet
  • Administrative staff who always remain open to suggestions from the inmates
  • The facilities to get involved in the activities like gardening
  • Quiet space to meditate if you wish to do so
  • Yoga and stress management classes.

2.       Security:

Safety of life is another reason which leads to the increasing popularity of luxurious retirement homes in India. When it comes to Heavenly Palace, the home is guarded 24-7 by well-trained security personnel. The CCTVs installed in many locations prevent even the attempt to do anything which may have an adverse effect on the harmonious atmosphere of the home.

This is just a small outline of the numerous amazements the retirement homes in India like Heavenly Palace have in store for the 60+.


Heavenly Palace invites enthusiastic advertisers

Despite having all these facilities, the existence of luxurious old age homes in India remain unknown to a vast majority of the elderly population. For this reason, we at Heavenly Palace invite enthusiastic promoters who can work as agents to spread word about the home.

We are fully confident, just a few days spent here would make Heavenly Palace your favorite retirement home.


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