Senior retirement living in India

The numbers of senior citizens who are in search of old age homes have increased. This has made to think more about old age homes in India. A senior home or old age home should not just be a shelter for old people. The care and warmth that they get from there should be far beyond that. It should turn to the needs of the elderly and let them live life at their own pace. It has to provide dignity and comfort to their old age and fill their minds with calmness and peace. Heavenly Palace is one such place where it literally means its name.

Benefits of a senior home

In an old age home, people can find many likeminded persons and can enjoy the friendship of a peer group as in their youth. Also, there may be many old people in our society who do not have anyone to look after them. They may feel orphaned during their old age. A senior home can be a real relief for such people. Also, community life is very important during old age.

Old age is the time when most people start feeling sick and get bedridden with different kinds of diseases. So, a routine check up and health care is necessary during this time in the old age homes for senior citizens in India. Heavenly Palace has good nursing facilities and periodic medical checkups are done here.

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Today everyone lives their independent life. So, most of the old people do not like to interfere into their children’s life.  Senior citizens homes in India can be a good option for them. Also, old people will be encouraged to earn and save for themselves when at an old age home.
An old age home should also be safe for its residents. There should be good facility for security and transportation. Also, the suggestions given by the inmates should be heard by the management and positive results must be taken. Heavenly Palace is such a place where they consider their residents and take care of their concerns.

Heavenly Palace is a senior citizens home in India, for mainly NRIs. NRIs are people who spend their whole life working hard in another country and they need a safe place to spend their retired life, when returning to their own country.

Facilities at Heavenly Palace

  • The inmates can live here with full security guaranteed as there are watchmen and gatekeepers on duty full time.
  • The relatives and children of the senior citizens can also choose to live with them for some days at one of the luxury old age homes in India.
  • Same blocks can be chosen by those who wish to stay nearby.
  • Children and relatives are allowed to visit the inmates when they wish. Thus, in today’s busy world, children can move on with their busy life and still keep their parents happy at heavenly Palace.





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